Clinical Best Practice Webinars from Pajunk USA

Pajunk USA, in collaboration with the American Society of Regional Anesthesia and Pain Medicine (ASRA), have started a series of clinical webinars which focus on peer clinician training.

A total of four seminars are planned this year with more to follow in 2021. 


The first webinar took place on August, 13th and covered two procedures growing in popularity for thoracic trauma and truncal regional anaesthesia:


The webinar was led by Dr. Reed Nelson and Mark Leonard. Both clinicians reviewed the blocks from preparation to injection, identifying targets, what to avoid, and helpful tips. A Q&A session is included, as well as a BLOCK GuRU Thoracic Poster giveaway!

The webinar recording is located on Pajunk USA’s YouTube channel – take a look!

For more information on our BLOCK GuRU Posters, click here!

The second webinar took place on September, 24th and focused on the Female Patient:


This webinar was led by Dr. Alicia Lopez Warlick and moderated by Mark Leonard. Dr. Warlick takes you through the Pectoralis I & II blocks and the Quadratus Lumborum (QL) blocks: two procedures rising in popularity for treating acute pain during mastectomy and caesarean section. Dr. Warlick reviewed anatomy and imaging, ideal operating room flow, and shared helpful tips. There was also an open Q&A session at the conclusion.

You can view this webinar recording here.


The third webinar took place on October, 28th and focused on outpatient surgery:

Regional Anaesthesia & Outpatient Total Knees: Top Blocks to Know

This webinar was led by Dr. Gregory Hickman and moderated by Dr. Scolt Thomas. Learn more about iPACK, femoral triangle, and spinal anaesthesia for total knees, a procedure rising in popularity at outpatient surgery centres. Dr. Hickmann walk you through a successful outpatient total knee program at his facility, including an overview of his techniques, knee anatomy and imaging, and helpful tips to apply throughout your practice. An open Q&A is included.

You can view this webinar recording here.

Which one is next?

Regional Anesthesia for Chest Wall Surgeries

Join Dr. Loran Mounir Soliman on Wednesday, December 9 on regional anesthesia's role in providing analgesia post-chest wall surgery, including cardiac, thoracic, and breast surgery. Dr. Loran Mounir Soliman will review relevant anatomy and sonoanatomy of fascial chest wall blocks and discuss the advantages, risk factors, and appropriate indications of the different blocks of the chest wall.

For more information and registration click here.

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