Regional Anesthesia Trays

Pajunk procedural trays are available for PNB, CNB and neuraxial anesthesia procedures. The trays contain Pajunk’s quality components, have a smaller footprint for easier storage, and can be produced with or without drugs, making ordering easier during drug shortages. All trays are also available in NRFit options.

The NEW SonoPlex II and SonoBlock II – Echogenic Single-Shot Needles

The world-renown echogenic SonoPlex, SonoBlock, and SonoTAP needles are getting a hub upgrade this year. The new hubs will be color-coded for easy identification of gauge size, have fixed injection tubing, and, for SonoPlex II only, an easy-to-remove stimulation cord. The needle shaft and tip with the market-leading 360° Cornerstone Reflectors remain the same, providing excellent ultrasound visibility.

E-Cath and E-Cath Plus – Catheter Over Needle System

The catheter-over-needle E-Cath and E-Cath Plus portfolios will see additional sizes added in 2019. The E-Cath/E-Cath Plus, which includes the SonoPlex needle, matches most user preferences, simplifies ultrasound-guided placement, and minimizes the risks of leakage and catheter migration.

Regional Anesthesia
NRFit - New ISO Standard

Enhanced patient safety in Neuraxial Anesthesia.
Due to various incidents of misconnections on supply lines to the patient, the new ISO standard 80369-6 has been developed and approved internationally in 2016. This new standard defines requirements for small bore connectors in Regional Anesthesia and intends to prevent the risk of accidental misconnections. The new connector following the ISO 80369-6 standard is termed NRFit.

Regional Anesthesia
New Nerve Block Posters Available

The Block GuRU posters underwent a major update and are now available through our sales reps. You can also order them directly through our website here.

Nerve Blocks
NerveGuard - Automatic System for Injection Pressure Limitation

The first fully automated injection pressure device for Nerve Blocks in the market. In contrast to other existing devices that just monitor the the pressure but actually do not avoid injections with pressures over 15psi, NerveGuard does automatically shut off the injection if critical pressures are reached. See how you can increase safety of your Nerve Blocks by adding the NerveGuard here.

Continuous Nerve Blocks (CNB)
E-Cath Plus - Catheter Over Needle System

A new addition to our E-Cath portfolio is the E-Cath Plus. It offers all the advantages of the original E-Cath concept and provides additionally an extended inner catheter with a closed tip and 3 lateral openings. Find out more on our product page

Ultrasound Guided Regional Anesthesia
Safersonic - Ultrasound Gel-Free Probe Covers with Adhesive

Thanks to an integrated adhesive strip that provides optimal permeability of the ultrasound waves, the Safersonic probe covers can be attached to the ultrasound probe without the use of any type of contact media (e.g. sterile gel). This reduces the setup and clean up time, and reduces the chance of potential transducer damage due to repeated cleaning. Additionally, the integrated adhesive strip allows air bubble and wrinkle free application of the cover to the probe which results in an improved ultrasound image quality. More details here.

Nerve Blocks
MultiStim ECO

With MultiStim ECO, PAJUNK® brings to the market the first true Dual Guidance nerve stimulator. Economical, easy to use and equipped just with the most important functions, the MultiStim ECO is the best choice in dual guided nerve blocks.

Block GuRu App
Welcome to Block GuRU, our joint project with the University of Birmingham, UK.
The Block GuRU App (Guidance for Regional Anesthesia using Ultrasound) combines 3D anatomical diagrams with live anatomy and ultrasonography.
In other words, standard anatomical text books meet clinical anatomy.
Designed to be used by all levels of regional anesthesia providers as a refresher or to aid learning a new technique.
Download Block GuRU for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Android devices.
Regional anesthesia guides in the palm of your hand!