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Pajunk Opens its Doors for Technology Mountains Tour

A successful afternoon with an interesting change in perspective for all participants

On February 25th, 2019 TechnologyMountains e.V. invited guests to the renowned event series “MountainsTour” at Pajunk Medizintechnologie GmbH.

The goal of the company visits was to promote a dialogue between members: Experts provide insight into their expertise, companies into their work, and afterwards both can network with one another in a relaxed atmosphere. Pajunk, along with 290 other companies, represents the technological strength and innovative power in the southwest of Germany and also ranks among the largest employers in the region. To master the dynamic growth in production, Pajunk deals intensively with the networking of machines, process automatization, and the integration of robots – a valuable support in large scale production and with difficult jobs in order to satisfy capacity and efficiency requirements.

Operational management was led by Production Manager Frank Martin, Head of Quality Management, Armin Pfeifer, and Sales Manager Jürgen Hintz. Along with a tour of the company’s own tool construction department and needle production site, visitors were treated to a glimpse of the cleanroom manufacturing site, the logistics department, as well as the prototype workshop. Subsequently, participants were able to conclude the event with a casual get-together and small appetizers. Interested visitors also had the opportunity to marvel at the newest production building D10 while being led by Site Manager Damir Kosanovic. D10 stands for the intelligent networking of product development, production, logistics, and customers. The centerpiece of process automatization is the logistical reorganization with automatic small-parts storage, as well as the modern plastic injection molding systems, which are directly connected to the cleanroom.


Altogether, it was a successful afternoon that provided all participants with an interesting change in perspective.

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