Nerve Blocks

Single Shot and Continuous Products for Ultrasound and Dual Guided Nerve Blocks

Nerve Blocks

Ultrasound Guided Single Shot Nerve Blocks

Pajunk offers the widest range of stimulating and echogenic products for single shot and continuous nerve block procedures. From the very beginning Pajunk has been the pioneer in ultrasound guided nerve blocks. The NanoLine® coating technology (2004) and the Cornerstone Reflectors (2009) set the basis for the introduction of the first ultrasound optimized nerve block needle in 2009 – the SonoPlex®. Several independent publications and thousands of users worldwide have confirmed the SonoPlex to be one of the best echogenic needles available. The needle offers shaft and needle tip visibility under ultrasound. More about SonoPlex ll here.

Continuous Nerve Blocks with Catheter-Over-Needle (CON) Technique

Developed together with Dr. Ban Tsui, the E-Cath®/E-Cath® Plus utilizes the benefits of the Catheter-Over-Needle technique, which significantly simplifies the procedure and reduces the chance of anesthetic leakage and catheter dislocation or migration. More about E-Cath here.

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