NRFit®- The New Connection Standard in
Regional Anaesthesia


PAJUNK® NRFit® Symposium at the 4th e-ESRA

We are proud to have been a part pf the 4th e-ESRA 2021 on March 13th.

As a gold sponsor and industry partner of ESRA we are offering medical education in the field of regional anaesthesia and support the international ESRA community.

At the 4th e-ESRA Pajunk sponsored a NRFit symposium with international speaker on their experience pre-, during and post-NRFit conversion. This was the first time that the NRFit topic was presented with a focus on the practical introduction rather than the history and description of the new standard as practised by all other manufacturers.


With our year-long conversion experience and a full NRFit product offering Pajunk is there to support you with NRFit activities. We are the partner you can rely on.

NRFit - A New Era in Patient Safety: Experience Reports from Belgium, Germany and United Kingdom


Dr. Carl Hillermann, United Kingdom



Experience Report from Germany: Dr. Robert ZANNER

Experience Report from Belgium: Dr. Pierre PANDIN

Experience Report from United Kingdom: Dr. Carl Hillermann


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