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Sales and Marketing Materials in a New Look

For almost a year, Pajunk shines in its new look, which is not only meant to be visually appealing, but to reflect our philosophy: Trust Tradition. Experience Innovation.

We have now applied our new look to our sales materials. You will find more and more product brochures to appear in our updated corporate design.

The main visual that is changing is the color pallet of our brochure covers. In the past we have used a wide range of colours which were helping to distinguish the product and product categories. With the new design we are providing a cleaner, more modern appearance by utilising a grey background with subtle colour elements to differentiate between the product categories we are offering.

A clear, easy to read and compact look is also reflected on the inside of our new brochures.

In the near future, we will also be providing our catalogues in the new design, following the same style and easy to understand and navigate structure. 


With the chances of live meetings and exhibits increasing we will also have our new look introduced to our exhibit booths. We hope to see you soon in person at one of the upcoming live events and to present to you our new corporate design.

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