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Updated Story on USA Webinars

Pajunk USA, in collaboration with ASRA, offer a series of educational webinars focusing on peer clinician training and best practices

At Pajunk, we value innovation and quality –you can see it in our products. We also value the partnerships we’ve made with our clinicians. From working side-by-side with Anesthesiologists on new product ideas to product feedback improvements, we enjoy collaborating and supporting our users in order to deliver a better patient experience.


When COVID hit, a lot changed for all of us, including how often we get to see and interact with our Anesthesiologists. When we weren’t able to see them in person last year, we began a series of educational webinars with the American Society of Regional Anesthesia (ASRA). By launching these webinars, our purpose was to create another opportunity where our clinicians could participate in interactive learning opportunities in lieu of canceled trade shows and limited access to their account representatives.


The overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from webinar participants was incredible. Pajunk USA continues to host and plan more webinars even as the world returns to a new normal. Marco Wohnig, President Pajunk USA, says “Though a global medical device manufacturer, Pajunk is more than just a product provider; we have succeeded throughout the years acting as a reliable partner for clinicians and their facilities. Offering additional education on regional anesthesia and sharing best practices during pain management procedures has been very fulfilling for us as a company. Education will continue to be part of our foundation at Pajunk.”


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