Free Movable Handle without Lock


Free Movable Handle without Lock

The ErgoFlex without lock connects flexibility and cost-effectiveness and can be combined with all instrument inserts – disposable, semi-reusable and reusable. The advantage of a scissor is that the requirement of having a sharp instrument at any time is conformed.

ErgoFlex Overview

ErgoFlex Features

1. Smooth-running Rotation Wheel

  • Rotation stop ensures the desired position when positioned

2. Ergonomic Shaping

  • Rebounding thumb ring
  • Generous four-finger rest
  • Extra wide resting surface

3. HF Connection

  • Optional use for monopolar electrocoagulation
  • HF power routing system is completely enclosed

1. Screw Connection of Guide Tube and Handle

  • Centering aid at the inclusion of the handle for a secure anchoring and an automatic centering

2. a) Anchoring a Reusable Instrument Insert

  • Ancoring the inserts in the guide tube via snap-action mechanism
  • The notch in the insert and the corresponding counter piece at the guide tube guarantees a torsion-resistant connection

2. b) Anchoring a Disposable Instrument Insert or MultiTip

  • The insert is clicked in the connecting rod and tightly screwed to the shaft tube

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ErgoFlex Ordering Info

Item description Item no. Purchase Unit

Handle for modular instrument inserts

1292-30-00 1

Insulated guide tube 330mm, Ø 5mm

1292-13-05 1

Insulated guide tube 330mm, Ø 10 mm

1292-13-10 1

Insulated guide tube 450mm, Ø 5mm

1292-14-05 1

Insulated guide tube 450mm, Ø 10mm

1292-14-10 1

330mm, Ø 5 mm

1293-20-05 1

450mm, Ø 5 mm

1293-21-05 1

Irrigation adpater, female Luer Lock connector, adaptable on all handles of the 1292 series

1292-00-98 1
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