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EpiLong VPC – The Visual Pressure Control for Increased Patient Safety

Thanks to the cooperation with Prof. Dr. Enk and Dr. Michaelis, Pajunk was able to launch another innovative product to increase patient safety.

There are different ways to find the epidural space - hanging drop, loss of resistance. These are associated with various risks, which makes it difficult to find. This has given Prof Dr Enk food for thought.


"There is a simple solution for everything - what is difficult is to find that solution."


For this reason, he started the project "Syringe with a pressure measurement device" in 1997. First handmade prototypes of the syringe as well as clinical tests with another company made a start. In 2000, he filed the patent for his syringe and included it in his habilitation thesis in 2003.


After initial difficulties in finding the right industrial partner, he approached Pajunk in 2015. The presentation of this project convinced us. It was clear to everyone that this idea would become another innovative product to increase patient safety.


Together with our development department, Pajunk started the project "Visual Pressure Control". Again and again, the product was further developed in close contact with our experts. After a final test, we were able to launch the product on the market in 2018.


During the market launch, Prof. Dr. Enk and Dr. Michaelis supported us at lectures and congresses.



What makes the EpiLong VPC special?

The EpiLong VPC offers a visual indication of the Loss of Resistance during epidural procedures. The EpiLong VPC is a reliable alternative to the conventional Loss of Resistance technique, by visually indicating even the smallest pressure change. As a result, a more objective needle tip placement and increased patient safety are allowed.

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