As your reliable partner, we are focusing
even more strongly on our core competencies.
So that innovation remains our tradition.

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PAJUNK is a global medical device manufacturer that is more than just a product provider. We have succeeded throughout the years acting as a reliable partner for you and your facility. From product feedback improvements, to working side-by-side with you on new innovations and trends in Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Management, we go above and beyond to create a premium user-experience with the best possible outcomes for your patients.
Especially in the current rather volatile times, we at Pajunk stand for trust, consistency, and reliability. But, not everyone knows what we do outside of product engineering.

The Reliable Partner campaign, which we have created is focused on communicating four pillars that we have succeeded in over the past decades. These pillars - Education, Safety, Innovation and Sustainability - are the heart of what we do. And, as we communicate our activities for each of the pillars to you, we encourage your feedback, engagement and ideas!

As we explore our first pillar, Pajunk's support and ongoing education for all of our global partners as we strive to share the latest techniques and trends in the industry.
All around safety, the second pillar revolves around patient and user safety, among other things. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date.

Join us and let us be your RELIABLE PARTNER!

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