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Pajunk supports Charity Organisations

Pajunk contributes to charity by supporting the organisation Mango e.V. (Medizinische Aktionen in Guinea e.V.) with regular donations of disposable medical products. Founded in 1995, Mango e.V. organises and carries out medical aid missions in the Dogomet region in Guinea / West Africa that provide surgical and gynaecological services to a rural population that otherwise has little or no access to basic healthcare locally.

The charity sends medical teams out to Guinea on aid missions. These teams mostly consist of German medical professionals who volunteer for the missions when they take their annual leave. "I was the 'new kid on the block' on a Mango mission in 2009, and was thoroughly impressed by the charity's work. All donations are used directly for the missions. Everyone worked without pay for the three weeks we were there, and we managed to achieve a lot.

Dr. Angelika Trabert explains

The local people made it clear how important these medical aid missions are to them, which is why I am committed to ensuring that they can continue to take place," explains Dr. Angelika Trabert, whose dedication initially got Pajunk interested in the project and the organisation. "We appreciate the fact that Pajunk supports us – in an non-bureaucratic and very personal way – by supplying needles," Mango team member Dr. med. Rainer Boettge says about the collaboration. "The charity is a wonderful organisation – and above all an institution that is vital for the local population. It allows people to pick up their ordinary lives again, and that is exactly what we hope to achieve by donating our medical products," says Pajunk Managing Director Simone Pajunk-Schelling.

The medical and surgical product manufacturer has been involved with the charity since 2012 and donates Sprotte spinal needles, for the missions once a year.


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