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Press release: PAJUNK® GmbH Medizintechnologie expands its capacities - Start of construction of the new administration and logistics center: D20

PAJUNK® GmbH, is expanding its location in Geisingen. An extension of the warehouse and logistics area, as well as a two-storey administration complex with bistro and atrium are to be completed by the end of the year 2022.

With an official groundbreaking ceremony on March 7, PAJUNK® GmbH Medizintechnologie celebrated the start of construction of the new D20 administration and logistics center in the DANUVIA industrial park.. The new building is being constructed in the immediate vicinity of the existing building D10 in Geisingen. With an investment of approximately EUR 13 million, Pajunk is not only creating new space to expand capacity, it is also creating 60-70 new jobs for the region in the short-term.


The newly created space will also relieve the overcrowding at the Karl-Hall Strasse site. In the future, the storage of all raw materials and supplies as well as some administrative departments will be relocated to the DANUVIA industrial park; this will provide the site in the town center with new development opportunities and space that is urgently needed for the expansion of production, process planning and quality management.


The new D20 building complex will include a logistics area of approx. 2,300 m2 as well as an automated small parts warehouse and manual pallet warehouse with a total size of 2,750 m2. The two-story administration building with extensive glazing and an interior atrium is designed with 950 m2.

"In order to estimate the dimensions of the new building, we looked at historical production increases and found they had doubled during the last seven years. This allowed us to make a projection for the next 20-30 years and determine the amount of space needed. In addition to the storage spaces, there should be office spaces, meeting rooms and break rooms,“ stated Damir Kosanovic, plant manager of the existing logistics center D10.

The construction project is being implemented in cooperation with Freyler Industriebau Bodensee. In addition to the architectural design with the integration of intralogistics, they are responsible for the construction planning as well as the ready-to-operate implementation and coordination of predominantly regional construction partners.

The basis for the design was Pajunk's logistics concept, and according to Daniel Grünvogel, business unit manager at Freyler Industriebau Bodensee,

„The result of many intensive, constructive, and goal-oriented exchanges in planning will be a modern logistics property that precisely reflects individual requirements in terms of construction."


A special foundation is already being laid, which involves extensive earthmoving of around 8,000 m3.

In addition tot he logistics concept, the high-quality design of the building will meet Pajunk's exacting aesthetic requirements. Furthermore the building is also being constructed in a particularly sustainable manner in accordance with the KfW 55 energy standard. The PV system in particular stands out with a total area of 2,734 m², which is expected to generate 560 kWp. Excitingly, this means that the energy requirements of the D20 can be largely self-generated.

About Freyler Industriebau:

According to the motto "People build for people", Freyler Industriebau plans and realizes individual commercial and industrial buildings for medium-sized businesses. These include manufacturing, logistics, office and social properties, as well as kindergartens, educational, accommodation and medical facilities. In close cooperation with the clients, Freyler develops customized concepts and implements them ready for occupancy. Freyler Industriebau is part of the Freyler group of companies. The headquarters and production site of the company, which was founded in 1968, is in Kenzingen/Baden. In addition, there are nine branches in Germany and a subsidiary in Switzerland.