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Every year Pajunk supports a variety of social institutions worldwide through in kind donations. Especially the African countries and third world countries need this support urgently.

We are always very happy when we receive pictures or reports from hospitals or doctors who can help on site with our products. We recently received a letter from "Africa Amini Alama" with some impressions of their work.

Africa Amini Alama was founded in 2007 by Dr. Cornelia Wallner-Frisee together with her mother. The project started with the construction of a hospital in Momella (Tanzania). The hospital was urgently needed by the local population. Meanwhile, Africa Amini Alama supports many projects in the fields of medicine, education and social affairs.

After the opening of the health station about 10 years ago, more than 20,000 patients are being treated in Momella every year. Among other things, births and related emergency caesarean sections are also performed there. Women in the Maasailand have little confidence in hospitals, so it is all the more important to discharge patients satisfied and without complications. This is the only way to create new confidence in the medical profession.


The donated SPROTTE® needles are an important support for the local anaesthetists on this way. After all, local doctors rarely receive atraumatic spinal needles of such quality.

We are proud to support Asanta Sana and the anaesthesia Drs. Kathrin Seitl, Fanuel and Allen. Together they make an important contribution to the health of mothers and children in Momella.

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