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Pajunk produces Face Shields

Due to the Covid development, PAJUNK offers no longer faceshields (May 2021).

In extraordinary times extraordinary ideas are born.


Pajunk's product portfolio usually consists of high quality and precision manufactured cannulas and catheters for regional anaesthesia, pain therapy, biopsy and instruments for minimally invasive surgery.


Recently, the family-owned medical technology company has started using the know-how of its engineers and the production capacity of the manufacturing department to produce a high-quality face shield. The idea of the production change came from the proximity to the health care sector and the lack of protective equipment.

The facial visors are manufactured in-house in Geisingen and are available for sale immediately.

Face Shield Features
Funktionen des Gesichtsschutzes

  • Category 1 PPE made by qualified medical device manufacturer
  • Protects the eyes, nose and mouth from splashes and projected liquid droplets
  • Anti-reflective visor with border on bottom for additional stability and safety
  • Adjustable size headband for improved fit
  • Soft, elastic polyurethane foam padding for extra comfort
  • Suitable for use with glasses, prescription lenses and protective masks
  • Pre-assembled and ready to wear
  • Face shield sets with replacement visors available
  • Light weight
  • Durable

The PAJUNK Face Shields fundraising campaign - a complete success

The first 1,000 face shields were to be made available as a donation contingent, which was very close to the hearts of Simone Pajunk-Schelling and Martin Hauger.


With great joy this offer was also accepted by many institutions in the region (Black Forest Baar, Tuttlingen to the district Waldshut-Tiengen). The demand was so great that within 2 days all visors were allocated and Pajunk was able to support 13 social enterprises and institutions.


These include the St. Beatrix social station in Geisingen, the DRK Kreisverband Tuttlingen e.V., the Lebenshilfe Kreisverein Tuttlingen e.V. & gGmbH and the Johann-Peter-Hebel-Schule, also from Tuttlingen.

DRK, Tuttlingen

Sozialstation St. Beatrix, Geisingen

Lebenshilfe, Tuttlingen